Activists protest Taylor Co. attorney’s animal cruelty deal

The deal dismissed 82 charges of animal cruelty against a man running for Taylor Co. Judge Executive

Activists protest Taylor Co. attorney’s animal cruelty deal
Bobby Phillips

TAYLOR COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Animal rights activists are keeping up the pressure after more than 82 animal cruelty charges were dismissed against a farm owner, Bobby Phillips.

Now, the prosecutor who agreed to the deal is taking some heat.

On Friday, dozens of people protested in front of Lisa Nally-Martin’s office, the prosecutor who struck the deal to dismiss the charges.

Protesters gathered on Main Street outside the Mattingly & Nally-Martin law firm in Lebanon, Kentucky.

Nally-Martin has repeatedly declined to comment on the case, or on the protest.

Animal rescuers blame her, in part, to what they consider a lenient deal that she should not have agreed to. Those involved in the original inspection told WAVE 3 News that the pictures they took of inside of the farm were never presented in the case as evidence.

Nally-Martin, the Marion County Attorney, was a special appointment, since the Taylor County Attorney was already representing the Phillips.

The deal was struck during private mediation. The records are sealed and not subject to public knowledge. The deal infuriated animal rescuers who found it to be a slap on the wrist.

The 82 counts of animal cruelty were the result of an inspection which found the dogs on Phillips' property living in their own waste. One of the dogs was found dead.

Phillips' wife, Rebecca Phillips, also faced 82 counts of animal cruelty and 82 charges of failure to vaccinate against rabies. She plead guilty to six of those counts and was able to receive 25 of the dogs back.

Meanwhile, the county’s current Judge Executive, Eddie Rogers, said he wants to civilly sue the Phillips for the more than $130,000 it took to take care of the animals once they were confiscated.

Phillips is also running for Taylor County Judge Executive.


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