WAVE Country volunteers headed to help Hurricane Michael victims

WAVE Country volunteers headed to help Hurricane Michael victims
Among the buildings damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Michael was the Lynn Haven Police Department headquarters building.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One day after President Trump surveyed the catastrophic damage in Florida and Georgia from Hurricane Michael, people around WAVE Country are also headed to the area to help.

WAVE Country volunteers head to help Michael victims

"I've seen trailers tumbled over and telephone poles snapped," said Don Bullock of Georgetown, Indiana.

Since Saturday, Bullock has been in Georgia and Florida helping the Red Cross distribute supplies to Hurricane Michael victims.

"I've got extra guys and I've got portable power," Bullock told us, "I've got battery backup even extra cell phone charging kits."

As a volunteer who's been to several disasters, Bullock said what the Category 4 storm left behind is jaw dropping and he's glad to help anyway he can.

"The Red Cross brought a truckload of MRE's (meals ready to eat) and water and diapers and food and snacks and ice," Bullock said.

Meanwhile, Christine Searcy is busy with an effort for Lynn Haven, Florida, east of Panama City. That's where her parents and two of her sisters live.

Christine Searcy and Janet Jeanette.
Christine Searcy and Janet Jeanette. (Source: James Thomas, WAVE 3 News)

"Their mayor said they would be without power for at least two months," Searcy said after talking with the mayor by phone about what the community needs.

Searcy said she was told that power grids and water stations are toppled and there's sewer back up in homes.

Searcy, another sister and her grandmother who live in Shepherdsville, are partnering with Journey Christian Church to gather food and first aid for the area.

"My sister and I are trying to collect as much supplies as we can to get down to the residents of Lynn Haven to help out with their community," Searcy said.

From cleaning supplies, to baby items, the family has set up their own Facebook page, Hurricane Relief for Lynn Haven, and plan to make several trips down to help.

"The Mayor of Lynn Haven talked with us and she was really thankful that somebody other than the people down there already were willing to help," said Janet Jennette, Searcy's grandmother.

Anyone who wants to give can check the Facebook page for times to drop off items this week.

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