Braun, Donnelly collecting endorsements in Indiana Senate race

Top names in politics campaigning in Hoosier state

Braun, Donnelly collecting endorsements in Indiana Senate race
Joe Donnelly (left) and Mike Braun are engaged in one of the country's most closely-watched senate races this year in Indiana.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Senate candidates Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly and his opponent, Republican Mike Braun are making headway as election night nears.

Each has debated and made their opinion on key issues clear to hopefully gain votes in November.

There are many ways politicians can try and gain votes. Campaigns are normally accompanied by political tours, ads and endorsements. Many well-known people stand up for a single candidate when their beliefs align with theirs.

For example, President Donald Trump has endorsed Braun ever since he won the primary in May. He has even gone to rallies in support of Braun.

Vice President Mike Pence, the former governor of Indiana, has also recently rallied support for Braun. Former President George W. Bush attended a fundraiser for Braun last week. These big names can do a lot for a campaign, especially if they bring their own supporters.

Donnelly has some other big names rallying for him like Former Vice President Joe Biden. He went to a rally in Hammond, Indiana to gain support for Donnelly.

Support can come from well-known people outside of politicians. Victor Oladipo, a former IU player and current Indiana Pacer, endorsed Donnelly at that same event in Hammond.

Although the effectiveness of endorsements has been a widely debated topic. Do endorsements matter?

A journal article in Political Research Quarterly says it does. The research was posted in 2011 and is based on a survey of 2002 congressional campaigns.

“It finds that a primary candidate’s share of the partisan endorsements issued in the race significantly affects the candidate’s vote share, even controlling for campaign funds and candidate quality.”

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