Classes help gun owners know their rights

Legal gun owners in KY educate themselves for protection

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After a gunman killed two innocent people at Kroger, someone with a concealed carry permit approached the suspect, and the two shot at each other. No one was hurt during that encounter, but now gun owners are getting more clarifications about their rights.

“Knowledge is power,” Timothy Collins, U.S. Law Shield of Kentucky District Manager, said. “You can never have enough training, you can never have enough education and this kind of stuff goes a long way if you did have to defend yourself."

More than 25 people sat in the basement of Dover Chapel Baptist Church to learn more about the laws surrounding carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

Many of the people WAVE 3 News spoke to said they knew about the seminar before the shooting at Kroger and planned to attend because they want to know the law.

U.S. Law Shield Program Attorney Marcos Garza spent more than two hours explaining the law Tuesday night.

“If a person reasonably fears they are in danger of serious bodily injury or death, they have the right to use deadly force,” Garza said. “That's the basic rule.”

Garza said that rule applies to yourself. It gets tricky if you’re defending someone else. He said you have the right to use the same kind of deadly force if you are defending someone else if that person feels they are in serious danger.

“It's hard to know if the person you are defending is actually in fear of serious bodily injury or death,” Garza said. “It requires the person using the deadly force to make a calculated guess or estimate as to whether that person they are defending is in fear of serious bodily injury or death."

The seminar also touched on topics like Castle Doctrine and where you can legally carry.

"Sort of thinking through different ideas and different concepts so that if they are ever in harms way, they make the right decision or at least are more likely to make the right decision,” Garza said.

If you would like to attend a U.S. Law Shield seminar to learn more about your rights when it comes to carrying a concealed deadly weapon, click or tap here.

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