UofL student diagnosed with bacterial meningitis

UofL student diagnosed with bacterial meningitis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An undergraduate student at the University of Louisville has been diagnosed with bacterial meningococcal meningitis, according to the university.

The student has not been identified but the university said they do live in a residence hall with a roommate. The roommate has not shown symptoms of the disease but is being treated as a preventative measure.

Bacterial meningitis is contagious but is only transmitted through direct exchange of respiratory or throat secretions, according to the university. Most people who come into contact with a person who has meningitis are not at risk for the disease as long as precautions are taken.

Symptoms include high fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and stiff neck. They can develop for up to two weeks following exposure.

The affected student is in good condition and it being cared for through Campus Health Services, UofL Hospital and UofL Physicians.

Approximately 800 to 1,500 people are infected with meningococcal meningitis in the United States each year. Around 120 die from the disease, according to a release from the university. About one of every five survivors live with permanent disabilities, like seizures, amputations, kidney disease, deafness, brain damage and psychological problems.

Bacterial meningitis is best prevented by vaccination.

Those with questions or seeking more information can contact Campus Health Services at 502-852-6479.

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