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'Abbey Road on the River' to pay homage to Beatles

By Connie Leonard - bio | email
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If you don't have extra gas money to go out of town this holiday weekend, there's plenty of fun to be had here in Louisville. One of the biggest events - Abbey Road on the River - is expected to draw at least 25,000 music fans to the Waterfront.

No matter how many decades have passed, the fab four are just as popular today as they ever were. 

Tom Lirot, of Vine Grove Kentucky says he's been a Beatles fan his whole life and can't believe the group's still so loved nearly half a century after their debut by young and old alike. "You know, my wife's a high school teacher, and it's amazing that there are kids that are in high school and are into Beatles music!"

That popularity was evident Friday afternoon, with a crowd already jammin' on the Belvedere.   "I love this place because everyone is so friendly," said Ian Herbert, a member of the tribute band "Wingsbanned." 

Wingsbanned, like many of the tribute bands performing this weekend, came from all corner of the globe. Wingsbanned is from England, and the band has a passion for all things "Paul."

London bandmate Johnny Heywood described their playlist. "We try to do the numbers McCartney does and that's the greatest backlog of material around, because you can do 60s, 70s, you can do modern day stuff." 

One of this year's must-see events events is a display of never-before-seen photos of Paul, Ringo and George. When Beatles and Rolling Stones U.S. tour manager Bob Bonis passed away recently, his son found negatives and slides with about 3,500 images in his basement - they had been tucked away for 40 years. 

"There are so many Beatles and Stones prints out there, but these have never been seen before, so even the die-hard fanatic fans are absolutely blown away when they see this,"  said Marty Marion with Not Fade Away Gallery, the company that's making the photos available to the public. 

After two months in a New York City gallery, the unique and rare photos, titled "The British are Coming" are now on the road for the first time. It all makes for a great Abbey Road on the River, especially for first-time visitors. 

Heywood laughed when describing Louisville and the festival. "It's like Liverpool with the sun and more smiles - write that down!"

For more information on Abbey Road on the River, visit: www.abbeyroadontheriver.com/index.php

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