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Thousands of pieces of mail damaged in flooding; many destroyed

David Walton, USPS spokesperson David Walton, USPS spokesperson

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The flooding that hit parts of Kentuckiana on August 4 damaged more than a dozen mail collection boxes across Louisville. U.S. Postal Service officials estimate between 2,000 to 4,000 pieces of mail were inside and at least 1,100 were destroyed.

"Some of those larger boxes, they don't have a door on the box itself. They just have what's called a snorkel. It's just an open mouth," said David Walton, a USPS spokesperson. "So when the waters rose, the water went directly into those spouts," said Walton.

The flooded boxes were located at 3rd and York, 7th and York. There were 12 damaged mailboxes on Main Street between 3rd and 9th streets and two more at the Beechmont Post Office on Woodlawn Avenue.

"Some of the mail we were able to salvage," Walton said. We have what's called a 'patch up department' and what they'll do is they'll use anything from blow dryers to pretty much let the mail dry out."

The salvaged mail has been sent on to its intended recipients.

If you think your mail could be damaged, you might want to make some calls. "The first think we would suggest is that customers contact the correspondent of that letter to find out if they did or didn't receive it. If they didn't receive it, chances are it was destroyed," Walton said.

If it was a bill that was damaged, the post office can help. "If it was a utility company or a credit card company, they would contact our consumer affairs department and we can issue them a letter that they can send in with their repayment and hopefully get out of any late fees," Walton said.

You can contact the postal service's Consumer Affairs Department at 502-473-4220 or visit

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