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Stimulus dollars creating jobs in Louisville

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Rebecca Brenzel Rebecca Brenzel
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - President Barack Obama spoke about the economy to mark the one year since the stimulus was signed into law saying the stimulus beat back another great depression and kept about 2 million people working. That stimulus money is translating into new jobs here in Louisville. 

Te federal government gave the Community Action Partnership Kentucky (CAP), which is part of Metro Government nearly $2.4 million. With that money it hired 30 part-time and full-time workers, eight of whom are job counselors. Rebecca Brenzel is one of them, spending an hour with her client who is a woman struggling to support two children, find housing and a job.  

"She's just looking for a job to provide housing and just basic needs," said Brenzel. 

Brenzel is helping her client apply for jobs and provide transportation and childcare during her interviews. It's something Brenzel herself knows too well. She was laid off from her job in Metro Government after 20 years. 

"I was a part of some of the layoffs that we had in our agency for the past year and as we know there hasn't been any jobs in metro to go to," said Brenzel. "So this stimulus gave me a new opportunity." 

Brenzel is bouncing back from her layoff and she is helping others find work through her new stimulus funded job. 

CAP has placed 51 people since October, which is only one or two jobs per counselor, per month. Still, officials with CAP say it is a good use of money and argue it is working. 

"One family at a time," said Debbie Belt, community liaison with CAP. "If you're helping an individual find a sustainable job you're affecting more than just that individual. You're helping that whole family and a lot of times helping the community." 

Belt says the goal is to create 417 jobs by October 2010. She also estimates stimulus money will go to assisting 2,045 families between October 2009 and October 2010. 

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