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Four Men Jailed For Allegedly Staging Dogfights

By Eric Flack

(LOUISVILLE, April 3rd, 2003, 10:55 a.m.) -- Four men were arrested Wednesday for allegedly staging a viscous dogfight. Neighbors say the fighting has been going on for months. WAVE 3's Eric Flack has more.

Four pit bulls sat caged in Jefferson County animal control Wednesday, licking their wounds from a violent night. And according to neighbors, such violent nights are not at all uncommon.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, was happy to hear about the arrests of four men, including 22-year-old Phillip Cox III, who lives at the house in west Louisville where the dogfights were allegedly being held.

Neighbors say there were dogfights have been going on for quite awhile, with up to three fights a week.

Animal Control Officer Captain Ann Camp was on the scene Wednesday when police made the arrests. "It just makes you angry to see that anyone could do this to an animal," she says.

Two of the dogs suffered severe cuts to the face and neck. Two others taken away and had older injuries. The neighbor we spoke with saw the aftermath of a fight last week, saying she overheard two men talking about a dog's ear being torn off before throwing the animal into the trunk of a car and driving away.

The most severely injured dogs picked up during Wednesday's were taken to a vet. All four dogs will be held until the men are tried and will then be put to sleep. Animal Control has a policy against allowing the public to adopt dogs with violent pasts.

Animal Control officials say it's hard to catch people in the act of staging dogfights. So they don't know how often it's happening in Louisville.

The suspects each face one to five years on felony animal cruelty charges.

Online Reporter: Eric Flack

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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