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Pool contractor says he is not avoiding lawsuit

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Troy Gavin Troy Gavin
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By Eric Flack – bio | e-mail
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A pool contractor is fighting back against accusations he's been dodging a lawsuit. Now we get the contractor's side of the story, and investigate why sheriff's deputies weren't able serve him with a lawsuit filed an angry customer filed nearly seven months ago. 

Pool contractor Troy Gavin says the allegations made against him in the lawsuit are false. Gavin also says he is not avoiding his day in court. 

"I have three different phone numbers, I have a website, I have an email address," Gavin said. "I'm not hiding from nobody." 

Gavin knows the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is looking for him. He said a deputy left papers on his Jeffersontown door almost seven months ago. 

"Basically they left me a note and I called them and they told me that we can reschedule," said Gavin. "And I said well I'm in and out of the house and I can't tell you at this time when I will actually be around." 

According to Gavin, he is not dodging the lawsuit that Willie Chilsum filed against him over a pool liner Chilsum claims Gavin installed that leaked. Gavin said he does spend a lot of time in Florida, where he also has a pool business, but there were other ways sheriff's deputies could have contacted him to serve him. 

"Phone number, email address, website," Gavin said. "That's on the side of the truck." 

But by law, lawsuits have to be served in person. We uncovered documents from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. In them, we found deputies tried to serve Gavin at his Jeffersontown home on four separate occasions. One deputy even wrote in notes that Gavin "avoids" them. 

Chilsum, the disgruntled customer, has now paid someone outside the sheriff's department who specializes in serving lawsuits to find Gavin. Chilsum said the inability to get the pool contractor served is delaying his day in front of a judge. But Gavin said he has nothing to hide. 

"Our company is a legit company we have a lot of satisfied customers out there," said Gavin. 

As for the lawsuit, Gavin says the allegations are false. Gavin says he tried for weeks to fix the work Chilsum was upset about, but Chilsum wouldn't return his calls. In the end, Gavin says Chilsum ended up voiding his warranty by using a screwdriver to jam the pool liner back into place. 

"The truth will come out in court," Gavin said. 

That is after Gavin is finally served. 

According to Gavin, a phone number on his business card we tried to call earlier in the week was never disconnected as we reported. As for all the time that has passed since sheriffs began trying to serve him with the lawsuit, Gavin told us it is their job to find him, not the other way around. 

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