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Louisville sports agent questions validity of TMZ report on UK

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By Maira Ansari - bio | email    

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Entertainment website TMZ is reporting that the NCAA is taking an aggressive look at some University of Kentucky basketball players for possible involvement with professional agents.

TMZ broke the story, but no one is officially confirming it.

"I don't think there is anything to this than just allegations," said Jim Ellis, a Louisville attorney who has represented a lot of athletes in the past as an agent. Ellis sees no substance to what TMZ is reporting.

"The fact that a UK player former or present talked to an agent is not illegal," said Ellis.

According to the gossip website, the NCAA is taking an aggressive look at four UK basketball players. TMZ says that a source was interviewed by an NCAA investigator, and the agency is interested in two current players and two who were just drafted by NBA teams. TMZ also says one player allegedly had multiple meetings with an agent, dating back to the players' senior year in high school. The website is reporting that the insinuation is that the agent had an agreement with the player before he went to Kentucky.

"One of the allegations is that one of the UK players was contacted in high school," said Ellis. "They don't mention who it is; we don't know what state they are from. We don't know what the laws of that state are."

It is a violation of NCAA rules for a student athlete to receive anything of value from an agent, or to have any agreement, verbally or in writing with an agent.

Ellis says the publicity isn't good for UK and he questions where the information is coming from.

"These tabloid magazines have a lot of investigative people who go out and try to research things," said Ellis. "Sometimes they'll run with half the facts also."

Again, the players in the alleged investigation have not been named. University of Kentucky's athletic department did not return our phone call. The NCAA does not comment on its investigations.

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