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First Hispanic or Latino candidate for judge in KY

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By Paige Quiggins - email

Ellie Kerstetter has been working at her solo firm on Preston Highway for ten years, but she announced in January she will be running for District 30, Division 13 judge. 

The University of Louisville Brandeis Law School graduate is the first Latina or Hispanic candidate to run for District Judge in the state of Kentucky. 

"Particularly, the Hispanic population is severely underrepresented," said Kerstetter.

She said she believes those who enter the courtroom with Spanish as a first language can also have difficulty with facing the complexities of cultural diversity. 

"Communication is a big deal--that's the main thing that occurs between a judge and a defendant and I'd be able to break that gap, communicate with Spanish-speaking people that come into the courtroom directly," said Kerstetter.

Kerstetter said she believes her "diversity of thought" would be a useful edition to the court system. She will be running against candidate Deana "Dee" McDonald in the November 2 election.

For more information on Kerstetter or McDonald, visit the Secretary of State's website.

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