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Neighbors say no to Highland Kroger gas station

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Jay Phillips Jay Phillips
Chris Padgett Chris Padgett
Abby Faile Abby Faile
Site for the proposed Highlands Kroger gas station Site for the proposed Highlands Kroger gas station
Louisville, KY -

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - About 700 Highlands and Belknap residents say they don't want it and have signed a petition against it. The Highlands Kroger at 2440 Bardstown Road is moving forward to add a gas station, even though there are some legal questions on whether they have the right.

"The actual construction of the pumps and facility to take care of it would be up in this general area between these trees going towards the building," said Jay Phillips pointing behind the old Hollywood Video store.

The lot is also less than a football field away from Phillips' house, and with the gas station would come a drivable ally behind the stores.

"It would go on through and right on down to Trevilian (Way)," said Phillips.

The Belknap Neighborhood Association is backing the residents who live along the fence that separates their yard from the Kroger parking lot.

"There's the issue of property value," said Chris Padgett, president of the Belknap Neighborhood Association. "There's the issue of traffic. There's the issue of the impact on our environment."

Residents say they are fighting to preserve their neighborhood.

"Traffic on that road is already, it's a very narrow road, it's really really tied up," said Padgett about Trevilian Way. "We don't want there to be a tipping point from where the neighborhood goes from residential to more of a commercial neighborhood."

Some who shop at Kroger, say it would be convenient.

"I definitely think my mom would use it," said shopper Abby Faile. "We have eight people in our family and she comes here like every three days so I think she would definitely use it."

Still hundreds of neighbors have signed a petition to keep the gas station and ally from being built and many of them, like Phillips, plan to take their concerns to the Board of Zoning and Adjustment

"We here in this part of the town deserve something a little more than this in our backyard, so I am opposed to it," said Phillips.

There is a binding element in the original re-zoning approval that prohibits a gas station on the property, which has been in effect since 2001. Kroger is now petitioning to remove that language. 

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