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Domino's workers accused of phone sex while making pizza

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Julie Herndon Julie Herndon
Tim McIntyre Tim McIntyre
Valley Station, KY -

By Eric Flack - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Domino's Pizza customer won't be coming back for seconds after she says a Domino's worker was talking on a phone sex line while making her pizza.

Julie Herndon said someone from Domino's used her credit card to run up a nearly $300 bill on the phone sex line, just minutes after her order was taken.

"Very disgusting," Herndon said.

On August 28, Herndon ordered a pizza from the Domino's at 10011 Dixie Highway in Valley Station and paid with her debit card. A few days later, she saw the $296 charge when she checked her bank account. The money was paid to a company called Vision Messaging. So Julie called the number on her bank statement to find out what Vision Messaging is.

"It ended up being charged to a sex line," Herndon said.

Herndon says the call came at 1:46 p.m., exactly 15 minutes after she placed her order. In her mind, there was only one explanation - someone at Domino's made the call.

"So while this was going on, the sex line phone call, they are making food for people," Herndon said. "Very gross."

Herndon called her bank and filed a police report. She also called the Domino's store to complain, but Herndon said the manager she spoke with did not seem to take the situation seriously.

"Kind of blew the whole situation off," she said.

When I initially called Tim McIntyre, Domino's Vice President of Communications, he too also sounded skeptical.

"The accusations are suspect based on the fact we have no evidence," McIntyre said.

McIntyre said both workers in the store at the time vehemently denied calling the phone sex line. A check of store records showed there were orders coming in and going out the entire time the 31-minute phone sex call took place.

"We don't know how many transactions she made that day or how many people she gave her credit card to," McIntrye said. "We need proof."

So Herndon called Vision Messaging back and let me listen in. The operator told her the call came from 502-935-3030 – that's the same number on the front window at the Domino's Herndon ordered from. After telling McIntyre what we heard, he called back and said the company was backing off its call for proof.

"We can't apologize to Miss Herndon enough," McIntyre said. "I know that's probably not good enough."

McIntyre also said the company would cooperate with the Louisville Metro Police investigation.

"Our entire brand is being damaged by the actions of one idiot," McIntyre said. "We want to see them brought to justice."

McIntyre said confusion within the company led to the initial denial of what happened. According to McIntyre, the store franchisee lives out of state and the store manager, who had no knowledge of the incident, was the one who received the initial call from Herndon demanding her $296 back. McIntyre said the store manager was the one whose demand for proof was repeated by upper management.

"It was a miscommunication in the heat of the moment when a customer demanded $300 cash," McIntyre said.

McIntyre said a representative from Domino's plans to call Herndon back and apologize.

"It sickens me that this happened," McIntyre said. "And it troubles me that the sequence of events made us look like we are tripping all over ourselves. We can't emphasize enough how sorry we are. We are horrified by this and we want to know who did it."

Herndon said she feels disrespected as a customer and as a person.

"At this point I'm pissed off," Herndon said. "It should have never happened. And I kind of worry that it's happened to someone else and they never even knew it."

The phone sex company has agreed to refund Herndon's money. The company also told me they keep recordings of all their phone calls, and will turn those records over to police if asked.

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