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Jailhouse recordings released in Kelly cold case murders

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By Janelle MacDonald - bio | email

Prosecutors are building their case against Ricky Kelly, accused of eight cold case murders in Louisville dating back to the mid-90's. Monday, they entered new evidence into the court case against Kelly including jailhouse phone calls and body wire recordings.

Prosecutors say they are Kelly's own words and they could be used against him in his murder trial.

"Cuz .. I put 36 slugs in (his) face and stood on his head. The whole head collapsed," one recording transcript reads.

Prosecutors say on the tape is Kelly, recorded using a body wire at Green River Correctional Complex. He's discussing the death of "B.B.," which is the nickname of murder victim Laquante Jackson.

"Boom .. First shot hit him in the chest... Boom, boom, he jump of the porch like this and his whole body sunk," says the transcript.

The transcript also contains this in reference to a man named Warren:  "and he dead cause I knew his weakness," it says Kelly said.

"... Was a female," continues a fellow inmate.

Warren King died in July of 2006. In previously-filed court papers, police allege Stephanie Bivens helped Kelly lure King to his death.

Then there's an exchange about finishing breakfast. Prosecutors say it has another meaning.

"In context, meaning eat his breakfast is when you rob somebody, you've got to kill them all so they can't talk about you," said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Mark Baker.

In the breakfast exchange, the transcript says Kelly names Antoine Watts. In court filings, prosecutors say he's planning the kidnapping murder and robbery of Watts.

Kelly says, "(Watts) got to finish his breakfast .. You feel me." He continues Watts' girlfriend will be there and, "sons go to school in the morning.... All I'm trying to do is free up and lighten the blow ..so you ain't gotta make it a triple, you feel me."

Baker said he's discussing, "who's going to be there, wait till the kids leave so you don't have to do a triple murder."

Kelly is not charged with any crime connected to Watts and his lawyers say he maintains his innocence in all of the crimes in which he's charged.

"First and foremost, let's not forget, Mr. Kelly enjoys his presumption of innocence, which I know the court has not forgotten," defense attorney Amy Hannah said in court.

Prosecutors also said Monday a total of 15 to 20 witnesses have agreed to cooperate with police but they don't want to name them yet as they try to move the witnesses around for their protection.

We know one of them is Francois Cunningham who had two murder convictions plead down to manslaughter in exchange for testimony.

Greg Sawyers, currently serving time for a firearms conviction, has also agreed to testify against Kelly, in exchange for his sentence being reduced, according to paperwork filed Monday. Kelly was indicted for assaulting Sawyers along with the eight murders last year.

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