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Murder suspect told police young victim had a seizure

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Johnny Juliot Johnny Juliot
Tony & Tara Hack (source: family photo) Tony & Tara Hack (source: family photo)

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The words of a Louisville man suspected of beating a four-year-old to death are contained in just released police interviews. Prosecutors announced Tuesday they will ask for the death penalty for Johnny Juliot, 29.

"You're being arrested for criminal abuse first for beating the hell of that little boy over there on Manslick," Louisville Metro Police homicide Detective Chris Middleton told Juliot on the night of his arrest in December.

At the same time, Tony Hack, 4, was fighting for his life in the hospital.

"See your little finger right there, where it's got the mark out of it? Let me see your other hand. Let me see, hold it up there," Middleton said to Juliot, asking about a mark on his left hand.

"That's (from) beating that dude up at Holiday Inn two to three days ago and Tara will tell you that," Juliot explains.

"It wouldn't be from knocking out the little boy's teeth today?" Middleton asked.

"No that was from his toothbrush from where he was f***** having a seizure," Juliot said of the missing teeth.

Juliot told police Tony was with his mother, Tara Hack, December 15th. He said he and a friend went to Indiana to pick up a couch, but according to court documents, witnesses told detectives it was the other way around and Tony was in Juliot's care.

"Me and Jason went and loaded that couch," Juliot said.

"No, you didn't," Middleton replied.

Jason is Juliot's friend Jason Baker, who, according to court documents, told police the day before Tony Hack went to the hospital, Baker saw Juliot get "uncontrollably angry" at the four-year-old because he was eating candy and drinking soda. Baker also said Tara told him Juliot beat her son.

Juliot maintained to police he didn't.

"He's bruised under his chin. We found his tooth," Middleton said.

Juliot replied, "Yeah, I put it there after I, f*****, I see it fall out."

"Then we've got blood all over the bathroom," said Middleton.

"That's from my finger," Juliot said. "I cut my finger on a pair of scissors."

Detectives and doctors took pictures of Juliot's hands and body and booked him into jail, but not before these parting words: "I don't care if you admit it to me or not," Middleton said. "You can lie till the day you die, but you will face God one day and when you do, he knows the truth."

Tara Hack told police that she had only left her son alone with Juliot on one other occasion. She said it was four or five days before he ended up in the hospital and when she returned that time, Juliot told her Tony had ridden his bicycle off the steps and he had a small mark on the back of his head.

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