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Teen Sentenced For Killing Parents

(COLUMBIA, Ky., August 26th, 2003, 5:30 p.m.) -- The Adair County teenager who admitted to killing his parents last December says he had a troubled relationship with his father. Blake Walker was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years. WAVE 3's James Zambroski was there.

Walker's parents -- Barbara Peterson and Brian Walker -- were very well-liked in the community. Peterson taught at Lindsey Wilson College and Brian Walker has served overseas in the Peace Corps.

Walker, a former Boy Scout and honor student at Adair County High School, had not spoken publicly about the crimes except to enter a guilty plea in July. That's when he admitted shooting his father, Brian Walker, once in the head with a rifle and then shooting his mother, Barbara Peterson, multiple times in their home on Dec. 9.

Before being sentenced Tuesday, Walker wanted a chance to explain why he killed his parents. He says he and his father argued daily during the six months leading up to the murders. On the day he opened fire, Walker says he had reached the breaking point, not knowing what to do or where to turn.

"My father would yell, scream and cuss at me for the least little thing," Walker said. "The yelling would go on constantly for 10 minutes. And then 10 minutes later, he would be calm and act like nothing ever occurred. The emotional roller coaster with my father never slowed down or ended."

Walker said he and his father "never really got along, but I still loved him." He also said he was terrified about the possibility of having to go overseas with his father, who was seeking a job in Afghanistan and Haiti.

When Walker was charged with drunk driving in November 2002, the conflicts grew worse until that fateful day in December.

In his prepared statement, Walker said he had taken a gun and went hunting after an argument with his father. When he came back into the house, the argument continued. "The next thing I knew I had the gun back in my hand and I had it pointed at the back of my father's head. I did not plan to kill him. I just sat there on the bed and the anger and frustration just kept growing inside me."

Walker struggled, however, when trying to explain why he shot his mother. He says he has no idea why he repeatedly shot his mother, the only person he felt was protecting him. "I'm sure you have never heard a harsh word against my mom," Walker said, breaking down. "She was the most loving, kind person I've ever known. And I don't know why she had to be involved."

Walker will be remain in the custody of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice until he turns 18 on Dec. 27. At that time, the judge said Blake Walker will be placed in an adult prison.

Walker apologized to his older brother, Manning, who was not in court Tuesday. "I just want to say I'm sorry for what I done," he said. "And I'm sorry for the trouble I caused. I've hurt my family and my brother more than anybody."

"My mother's screaming still haunts my sleep each night," Walker said. "I have idea why I shot my mother. She was so good to me."

Online Reporter: James Zambroski

Online Producer: Michael Dever