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Surveillance Camera Helps Catch Peeping Tom Suspect

By Justin Wilfon

(LANESVILLE, Ind., September 4rd, 2003)-- Security is tighter at a Southern Indiana School after a man came into the school and tried to look into the girls' locker room. Suspicions first arose when a maintenance man noticed several ceiling tiles out of place, and authorities believe the man may have been hiding in the ceiling of Lanesville Jr./Sr. High School. WAVE 3's Justin Wilfon reports.

Practice at Lanesville Jr./Sr. High would appear to most people like normal after school sports. But this year, getting to volleyball practice will be a little more difficult.

"I see today (Wednesday) that they're locking the doors," said Michelle Kelly, parent.

Kelly says it's a good idea. Especially since police say a man somehow got into the girls' restroom last week, and, without anyone knowing, tried to watch Kelly's daughter and the rest of the volleyball team undress.

"I was really shocked," Kelly said, "really shocked and upset that my daughter was here at school when something like that occurred."

Fortunately, the surveillance video shows no girls going into the restroom while the man was there.

"It's sickening that an individual would enter our building for what appears to be some voyeuristic reasons," said Philip Partenheimer, School Superintendent.

Partenheimer says the man is not a student. Newly installed cameras show the man getting out of his car and entering the school.

"Last year we would have had to assume that a student had done it, but since we put the cameras in they did their job, and we got a pretty clear picture of the individual," said Partenheimer.

Police have found the man, and the superintendent says he's already confessed.

"I really hope that the individual gets some help for him and his family," said Partenheimer.

Partenheimer says his first priority is helping the students. That's why he sent home a letter to parents outlining new security rules, including the locked doors after school hours.

"So these precautions sound good. It's just a shame we have to do all this," said Kelly.

Wednesday the detective and the prosecutor handling the case could not be reached for comment. We do know the man has not been charged yet, but the superintendent expects that to happen very soon.

Online Reporter: Justin Wilfon

Online Producer: Jim Hice