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Day care ordered closed after boy's death leaves parents searching for care options

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Stephanie Melson Stephanie Melson
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Chart showing state mandated staffing levels for daycare centers Chart showing state mandated staffing levels for daycare centers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Two days after a little boy choked to death on a push pin, the Louisville daycare at the center of the investigation is closed.

Paperwork was filed Wednesday afternoon, suspending the license for Trina's Treehouse. In the meantime, many parents are still searching for answers and a new place to take their children.

Parents picking up their children from daycares across Kentuckiana have heard what happened to fellow parent Jessica Davis and her two-year-son old Ja'Corey.

Jessica dropped off Ja'Corey Monday at her cousin's daycare, Trina's Treehouse on 32nd and Broadway. A state investigation is underway to determine where Ja'Corey swallowed a push pin that blocked his air passage and eventually led to his death. The child's mother has many questions and told us she wants to find out what happened. 

"I'm not trying to upset Trina or anything, but I want closure because this was my son," said Davis.

According to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, preliminary findings showed Trina's Treehouse, "failed to assure minimum regulatory staff-to-child ratios."

"I just felt bad for the lady that lost her son and also the daycare provider," said Stephanie Melson, assistant director of Trinity House Christian Daycare just a few blocks away.

"I would be devastated and I wouldn't know where to take them or where to go," said Nora Hudson, a parent and grandparent with a child at Trinity House Christian about the parents who are now without their daycare.

Trinity House Christian Childcare is willing to help those parents now struggling to find another daycare. Melson said the Trina's Childcare parents can call or stop by anytime. The parents at Trinity House Christian also told us they appreciate seeing those state's required staff-to-child ratios posted on the wall.

"If they can't show you state policies of what they've had deficiencies in, to me that's a red flag," said Shantell Young, a Trinity House parent, of the other daycare centers.

While there must be one staffer for every five infants, a child the age of Ja'Corey Davis is required to have one staff member for ten children.

At Trinity Christian, Hudson said she has noticed there is always more staff on hand to serve the kids than is required. She sometimes sees two or three teachers in the class, something Hudson said she loves.

The owner of Trina's Treehouse, Katrina Clyburn has 20 days to appeal the suspension.

Louisville Metro Police are conducting a death investigation and say there are no indications of foul play.

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