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Husband and wife charged with running prostitution business

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(source: Clark County Jail) (source: Clark County Jail)

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Months after several women are busted for prostitution at a Clark County massage parlor, charges are brought against a husband and wife- who police say are the ring leaders.

These new developments come six months after initial arrests in this case. Ivan DeLeon was arrested Friday morning at another business he owned. His wife Jeanacarol Kaufman is said to be out of town.
From the outside, the business appeared like any other in a suite on North Shore Drive in Jeffersonville.

"It was advertising itself as a massage or light touch massage type operation," said Jeremy Mull, Clark County Deputy Prosecutor. "It was advertising its services on certain web pages in the Louisville and southern Indiana area and in fact what was occurring there was wide scale prostitution."

For months, undercover officers investigated "My Studio 1501", its owners, and what was really going on inside. Its website promoted the staff with pictures, short bios, and measurements of the girls. Police say the business used spa-like showers and saunas for prostitution services. 
After an undercover sting back in August, five girls were taken into custody. 

"At the time of the initial arrest, several females were arrested for prostitution, a lot of evidence was seized from the business location," said Mull. "That evidence included client lists, names, phone numbers, that sort of thing."

Since then, Mull says investigators have been gathering new evidence and looking into all of the businesses ran by husband and wife 36-year-old Ivan Deleon and 37-year-old Jeanacarol Kaufman.

"They were the two individuals in charge of running the business, the operation, and therefore they are charged with promoting prostitution, which is a C felony," said Mull. 

Mull says all of the illegal activity was taking place at the Jeffersonville location. "These charges are serious, but they are appropriate for the type of activity that was going on," said Mull. "The people of Jeffersonville for the most part, simply don't want this type of activity occurring here."

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