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High School Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Students At School

By James Zambroski

(JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind., August 7th, 2004) -- A Clark County high school teacher has been arrested in connection with two relationships investigators say he was having with students. WAVE 3's James Zambroski reports.

Police in Clark County say 25-year-old Stephen Reich, who taught English at Charlestown and Jeffersonville High Schools, was having improper sexual contact with students from Charlestown High. The two alleged victims are 16 and 17. They say the intimate relationships began in December 2003.

But the whole thing came apart about a month ago when one of the girls found out Reich was also having sex with her best friend.

Jeffersonville Police Detective Charlie Thompson says some of the sexual activity took place on school grounds at Charlestown. "They advised me that most of it was taking place in his classroom, during school hours, during lunch period, it took place in the coach's office, down by the gymnasium. Some of it did take place here in Jeffersonville."

Thompson said the girls' accounts of how many times they had sex with Reich on school property was mind blowing. "The more I talked to the girls, listened to their stories, listened to what they said, at first it was hard to believe that that amount of sex could be taking place in the school without nobody knowing it."

Police allege they've documented more than 80 sexual encounters between Reich and the students. "There's going to be nothing but losers in this case," Thompson says. "He's gone through a lot of college, a lot of schooling, and it's gone, he's thrown it away."

Although the two victims are of the legal age of consent, Indiana has laws on the books designed to protect students from predatory teachers. But no matter how sordid this case appears, Reich is not being charged with child molestation or having sex with minors.

Reich is being accused of abusing his authority and violating trust under Indiana's Child Seduction Act, and Indiana law passed in 1997 to prevent authority figures such as teachers from taking sexual advantage of the children they supervise.

Currently, Reich faces 34 counts of felony child seduction. If convicted he could be sentenced to one to three years for each charge. And more charges could follow, because police are afraid there are other victims out there who haven't yet come forward.

Reich, who has been suspended from Greater Clark County Schools, is being held in the Clark County Jail with no bond.

Online Reporter: James Zambroski

Online Producer: Michael Dever