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Camm Families React To DNA Evidence

By David McArthur

(NEW ALBANY, Ind.) -- The new developments in the David Camm triple murder case have hit closest to those forever linked to the victims. Now two families are as divided as ever on what to make of a sweatshirt belonging to Charles Boney's found at the crime scene. WAVE 3's David McArthur reports.

From the moment his first jury delivered its guilty verdict, David Camm's family never doubted his innocence.

Sam Lockhart, David Camm's uncle, has never believed for a minute that his newphew was guilty.  "David could not have killed his family," he says. "He didn't do it."

Now, nearly two years after he was found guilty, the DNA match with Charles Boney to a sweatshirt found at the murder scene gives Camm's sister, Julie Houge, hope others will follow.  "They've tried and tried to put that sweatshirt in Dave's hands. There is absolutely none of Dave's DNA on that sweatshirt."

On the other side, Nick Stein, an attorney for Kim Camm's family, downplayed the latest development, saying "the sweatshirt is of minimal significance." 

Stein went on to say that one discarded sweatshirt does not change what happened. "That doesn't put him (Boney) at the scene. We think the most important evidence, again, is the blood mist which was on David Camm's shirt."

Meanwhile, Hogue watched with interest Charles Boney's exclusive interview with WAVE 3. "I'm going to stop short of saying: 'I believe he's the man.' I'm not going to rush to judgment. That's what's happened with Dave."

Her verdict is still out on Boney, but she hopes the question alone leads to a re-judgment of David Camm, as does Lockhart. "I hope the state of Indiana will look at this and know they've got the wrong guy and release him -- and prosecute the real killer."

Kim Camm's family hopes to hold a news conference in the next day or two after further consulting with prosecutors about the case.  But Stein says they still believe "100 percent that David Camm is the killer."