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Prospect Residents Get Bridge Preview

By David McArthur

(LOUISVILLE) -- After years of planning and protests about the location of another bridge from Louisville to Indiana, residents in the Prospect area got a sneak peek at the path. WAVE 3's David McArthur reports.

Building a home among the rare rural landscape of Jefferson County, Becky Will's dream came with some risk.

On Wednesday, engineers used huge balloons to temporarily mark the path of the new east-end Ohio River Bridge. "As I understand it, you are standing in the middle of the fast lane," Will said Wednesday

Will says her home was in one of several potential paths when the family built. With that path now the chosen one for design, she smiles through the struggle. "I support Kentucky and hope it will be good for Kentucky. I am not entirely sure that a bridge for Louisville is needed."

Watching the balloons from a distance gives the engineers an idea of how, visually, the bridge may impact the neighborhood. The top of each balloon was supposed to represent the top of the roadway.

The visual aid brought a mix of reactions and a dose of reality.

Homeowner Mark Windhorst knows construction is still years away, but he's already facing difficult decisions. "I hate the fact that it's taking my house, but it's part of life and I figure I can be mad about it or figure out what I'm going to do next."

And Will knows "We'll ultimately lose our home."

Her family wants to stay as long as they can, but she says when it's time perhaps the end result could still answer their dream. "I just hope they build one spectacular, beautiful bridge out here. This area deserves it."

Online Reporter: David McArthur

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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