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Westport Widening Project Still On Track Despite Storm Delays

By David McArthur

(LOUISVILLE) -- Mother Nature will be the wildcard for an expansion project on Westport Road. Weather has already delayed some utility relocation, while crews were diverted to storm repairs. But officials say the project is still on track. WAVE 3's David McArthur investigates.

From a neighborhood street to a busy thoroughfare, the traffic on Westport Road has grown over the years and now Westport Road is growing to meet demand.

"Right now this is the worst it's been," said John Lawrence. But the worst is far better than he imagined. Lawrence, who has been dealing with heavy traffic on Westport Road for years, believes the extra construction truck traffic now is worth the end result.

"In the last 15 years, Westport Road increasingly got more congested," he said. "Hopefully, this will ease some of it when they put in the interchange."

Part of waiting for progress means Lawrence and his neighbors must also find some detours. Washburn, Fountain, and Fenley Avenues are all now closed at the intersection because of the on-going expansion.

And detours could soon be coming for other parts of the neighborhood soon. This is only phase one of three phases and the entire Westport project could take several years to complete.

Five lanes are planned -- two for each direction and a middle turning lane. The expanded Westport Road will ultimately stretch from Hubbards Lane to Hurstbourne Parkway.

Work on the section from Herr Lane to Hurstbourne Parkway is slated to begin this summer, and work will move inside the Watterson, toward Hubbards Lane, when work is complete on Phase I this fall.

A fourth phase will include a new interchange with the Watterson Expressway.

Lawrence described the construction noise as minimal, and the contractors as understanding. "The biggest thing I noticed: every time mud was on the road, they'd have their clean-up crews out there with sweepers, so I commend them."

Apparently, the Westport thoroughfare is still retaining some of its neighborhood charm.

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