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Titan Laser Helps Tighten Loose, Sagging Skin

By Lori Lyle

(LOUISVILLE) -- Whether it's through weight loss or the aging process, loose, saggy skin is a common complaint at the plastic surgeon's office. Now there's a non-surgical tool to tackle the problem, and it's getting some surprising results. WAVE 3 Medical Reporter Lori Lyle has more on the Titan Laser.

The Titan Laser can be used on just about every section of the body, but for Louisville nurse Joy Potts, her tummy and thighs were the most troublesome. She was considering a tummy tuck until the Titan Laser came along, saving her weeks of pain and recovering.

We first met Joy in 2002, three months after her lap-band procedure. The lap-band is a weight loss device that basically divides the stomach, making people feel full faster.

Three years later, Joy is 85 pounds lighter. She says "the weight was coming off, but the skin was just so loose, kind of hanging there."

Like many extreme weight loss patients, Joy turned to plastic surgery. She's had liposuction on her thighs, abdomen and buttocks.

But after the lipo, she had more loose skin. Joy considered getting a tummy tuck, but just didn't want another surgery.

"So when the Titan became available," Joy said, "it was a Godsend because it was something that was non-invasive, minimal discomfort and great results."

Initially, however, not even the doctors could anticipate how good those results would be.

Joy is one of the first patients in Louisville to try the new Titan Laser at plastic surgeon Tom Haas's Louisville office.

Dr. Haas says it's challenging to evaluate new technology like the Titan Laser because plastic surgeons are constantly bombarded with high-tech gadgets from manufacturers. "And you have to filter through that."

Haas adds: "It's really exciting when these things actually work."

The Titan Laser uses light energy to stimulate new collagen growth. It has a cooling mechanism,
allowing the device to use more heat.

"There is some discomfort," Haas says, but adds that the discomfort doesn't "last more than a second."

The laser helps the body produce even more collagen, and Dr. Haas says "that's what gives you your plumpness, fullness to the skin, elasticity of skin."

But Dr. Haas warns that the Titan Laser is not for everyone. "It's not going to fix someone with big aprons of skin -- someone whose lost 150 pounds."

The Titan Laser works best on 30 to 50 year olds with healthy skin. W

Joy says the improvement for her has been huge. In fact, she's so happy with the results, she says she keeps "some of my before and after pictures in my purse."

As an added bonus, the Titan Laser is helping fade stretch marks too.

The cost is $800 to $900 per treatment, but a series of three treatments are recommended at a cost of $1,300 to $1,800. 

And because collagen builds over time, patients continue seeing improvements long after the treatments have stopped.

For more information, call Dr. Tom Haas, 1402 Browns Lane, at (502) 894-8595 or visit http://www.tomhaasmd.com.

Online Reporter: Lori Lyle

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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