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Mom Complains About Doll's Sexy Outfit

By Charla Young

(LOUISVILLE) -- The wardrobe of a popular doll is a little too risque for some parents. When one of our viewer's daughter got a sexy doll for her 8th birthday, mom got alarmed and called us for help. WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Charla Young has the story.

She's sexy. And sultry. With pouty lips, expressive eyes, a short skirt and plenty of makeup. And she's ready for you -- if you're a 3- to 10-year-old girl.

Stacie Bostic's daughter, Whitney, got one of the popular "Lil' Bratz" dolls for her 8th birthday.

But Stacie doesn't like the message the doll seems to be sending. "I don't want her to think that you have to dress sexy and wear short skirts and ears pierced or wear lip gloss to be beautiful."
But that's the selling platform for the Bratz retail line. Now that Stacie knows what the Bratz dolls are all about, she doesn't want her daughter growing up too quickly by trying to imitate its sexy fashion style.

The biggest surprise came when Stacie raised the doll's skirt. "It's like 'mommy! She's wearing a thong!'"

Stacie actually complained to the doll's maker, MGA Entertainment, about the baby's outfit. Company representatives apologized, and said it was a manufacturing error.

The company sent another outfit, but it was unacceptable -- the skirt, meant for a baby Bratz, was far too small.

Stacie isn't the only parent talking. Message boards and chat rooms are filled with comments from concerned mothers.

"I think that we're caught up in so many other things, other than our children," Stacy says, "and maybe if we looked more at our children, and tried to do things that would help them out, maybe it would help us out."

We did contact MGA Entertainment for its comment about the doll's outfit, but no one got back to us in time for this story. After doing some research on the business, however, we learned it's one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Online Reporter: Charla Young

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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