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Governor Fletcher Considers Suspending Gas Tax

By Justin Wilfon

(LOUISVILLE) -- With gas prices once again on the rise, Gov. Ernie Fletcher may provide some relief. On Friday, he told WAVE 3 News he's considering suspending the gas tax. But as WAVE 3's Justin Wilfon investigates, Kentucky's roads could be the deciding factor.

With gas prices going back up, drivers are feeling down.

"Gas prices are pretty catastrophic at the moment," said one driver.

But Gov. Fletcher may soon be cheering them up: he's considering suspending Kentucky's gas tax.
"We're continuing to evaluate that," Fletcher said.

The tax is 18.5 cents on every gallon. The governor says cutting it off to lower the price of gas would likely have a positive impact on the state's economy.

"We have to weigh the fact that if the price does go up, it impacts our schools, it impacts our businesses," Fletcher said.

But suspending the gas tax would not be great news for everyone. Kentucky's Transportation Cabinet relies on it for funding.

"The tax is extremely important to our road projects, and road projects that are on-going, and those in the future as well," said Doug Hogan, a transportation cabinet spokesperson.

However, Hogan says they could likely find the funding to survive a suspension.

"I would think it would be a rather short suspension. It wouldn't be like indefinite," Hogan said.

The governor has asked the cabinet to study the impact a suspension would have. He'll look at the results before making his decision.

"I think it's important that we maintain our projects, road projects and bridge projects across the state," Fletcher said.

Even some drivers are still making up their minds, too.

"Any little bit will help, but if it's going to have a negative affect on the road, I'd be willing to pay the extra 18 cents now," said driver Tim Boswell.

There has been some question about whether Gov. Fletcher has the authority to suspend the gas tax. He said he does indeed have such authority if he were to declare an emergency.

Online Reporter: Justin Wilfon

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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