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'Louisville Apprentice' Gets Pink Slip From Trump In Board Room Shocker

By Connie Leonard

(LOUISVILLE) -- If you watched "The Apprentice" Thursday night on WAVE 3 and NBC, you know "The Donald" had a big shock in store for the contestants. It was also a big surprise for Louisvillian Mark Lamkin. Local fans of the show found out during the weekly party at 4th Street Live! WAVE 3's Connie Leonard was there.

In a game of skill, strategy and board room survival of the fittest, Louisvillian Mark Lamkin met with family and friends at Lucky Strike Lanes to see how he rolls through another reality TV task for "The Donald."

The teams were asked to come up with an interactive sports promotion for Dick's Sporting Goods. Lamkin's team came up with a baseball gimmick -- he wanted golf.

"I told Josh up front that baseball and basketball were not the sports to pick," Lamkin said.

Trump's managers didn't like it, either. But, since it wasn't his pitch, Lamkin hoped he could slide through another week.

"I just knew I wasn't going into the boardroom," he said. "I knew I was safe."

But Lamkin was wrong.

And in a boardroom shocker, for the first time three other people were also shown the door.

"If you're going down, you better fight and fight hard," Lamkin said, "and I didn't fight hard enough."

His friends couldn't believe their eyes.

"We are in shock!" shouted Jackie Muncy. "We just hate it!"

Don't ask Lamkin's mom, Diana, about "The Donald!"

"I am on my way to New York to hunt him down!" she laughed.

Lamkin's wife, Jennifer, added: "It must have been a bad hair day for Trump or something because I thought he was smarter than that and to let Josh and Mark go? Two of the brightest people in that entire group? It just amazes me!"

Lamkin says he feels "I did good on the show but I hope I didn't let Louisville, Ky. down. I think I showed us in a positive light, but I really wanted to go farther than I did."

Lamkin's 15 minutes still has some steam though, as we found the kids from the FFA Convention asking for his autograph!

His friend Jackie Muncy says "Lamkin made Louisville extremely proud; he made his family, his friends proud. We're just so proud he's one of a million applicants who made it on the show. He didn't make it all the way, but we're extremely proud of him!"

Lamkin says even though he never really clicked with "The Donald," he appreciates the experience and made a lot of friends. He says the national TV exposure has been great for his business, although he will be changing those boardroom commercials of his.

And, as always, just when you think it's over in reality TV -- it's not.

Lamkin can only say that some of the show's best players may make a return appearance, so stay tuned.

Online Reporter: Connie Leonard

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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