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Man Pleads Guilty To Trying To Sell Baby

(DANVILLE, Ky.) -- A Pulaski County man accused of trying to sell his infant daughter to an undercover officer pleaded guilty in exchange for a recommended two-year prison sentence.

Anthony Wayne Hart, 41, entered the plea last week and will be sentenced Feb. 7 by Boyle County Circuit Judge Darren Peckler.

Hart and his wife, Kathy Lee Hart, were arrested on charges of prohibited acts and practices in the adoption of children on Nov. 30, 2002.

Kentucky State Police recorded a transaction between Anthony Hart and an undercover trooper at the Danville Wal-Mart during which Hart received $3,000 to terminate his parental rights. The warrant said he "demanded and accepted payment for allowing the adoption of his natural born child."

Both Anthony and Kathy Hart were ordered to undergo mental evaluations to determine if they were competent to stand trial.

Anthony Hart was determined to be functioning at an eighth-grade level, but there was "no evidence of any psychiatric condition or functional impairment," according to court records, and he was ruled competent to stand trial.

He initially pleaded not guilty but changed his mind and entered into the plea agreement.

The evaluation of Kathy Hart showed her to suffer from mental retardation. Peckler ruled she was incompetent to stand trial and dismissed the charges against her. Further evaluations have been ordered to determine if Kathy Hart should be hospitalized, court records show.

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