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Seymour Shooting 911 Tapes Released

By Janelle MacDonald

(SEYMOUR, Ind.) -- There are new developments in a fatal police shooting over the weekend. Seymour, Indiana's police chief says his officers ordered a suspect to drop his weapons before they opened fire Sunday morning. WAVE 3 has the 911 tapes that capture the shooting as it happened. WAVE 3's Janelle MacDonald investigates.

Early Sunday morning, a woman at 823 North Park Street in Seymour called 911 to complain about her daughter's husband.

Dispatcher: "What's his name?"

Caller: "Alfredo Perez."

She says Perez came to the house, drunk and threatening to do harm.

Caller: "He said he'd kill hisself and he's there cutting his shirt. I don't know if he's stabbing himself or what he's doing, but we're trying to get the knife away from him."

The caller says she is in her bedroom, behind a locked door, but as the call continues, she leaves the room to check on the situation unfolding.

Caller: "Oh, he's, he's getting violent."

Dispatcher: "Are the officers in there? (inaudible)"

Unknown: "Get back, Get ..."

Officer: "Drop the knife!"

Dispatcher: "Can you hear it? Is that the officers or is that him?"

Officer: "Drop it. Drop it, drop it now." *** three shots ***

Seymour police chief Craig Hayes says, although faint, you can clearly hear officer Bart Bevers tell Perez to drop his weapon before the shooting.

He says there were, "repeated commands that had been given to drop the weapon and those weren't followed. When Perez stepped toward officer Bevers, Bevers apparently took a step back and fired three rounds."

Chief Hayes says two fixed blade knives were recovered inside the home.

This is the second shooting involving Seymour police in just over a month, but Hayes says, he doesn't believe it hurts his officers in the eyes of the community.

Hayes says "once all the information comes out, I think people will be more understanding on what happened."

Chief Hayes says there's a second tape, audio only, from a dashboard camera, that recorded what went on inside the house just before the shooting.

On that tape, he says you can clearly hear officers order Perez to drop his weapon at least eight times.

That tape won't be released until after Indiana State Police finish their investigation.

Hayes says he believes that could take another two or three weeks.

Online Reporter: Janelle MacDonald

Online Producer: Clay McNeill