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Families Of Men Killed In Industrial Accident Struggle To Deal With Loss

Ricky Dilts Ricky Dilts

By Janelle MacDonald

(VEVAY, Ind.) -- Investigators are still looking in to the construction accident that killed two men at a Kentucky plant Friday. It happened in the Carroll County community of Ghent at North American Stainless. A roof panel gave way, sending two men -- 21 year old Matthew Collins and 31 year old Ricky Dilts -- to their deaths and leaving their families stunned. WAVE 3's Janelle MacDonald reports.

An early death is hard enough to understand as an adult. For the children of 31 year old Ricky Dilts, it's hard to know what to say.

"I told them that their daddy's in heaven now, with their grandparents," said Tinna Dilts.

Dilts says she and her husband of 12 years always knew his iron working job came with risks. But Ricky Dilts loved it anyway.

"I said you know if that's what you really want to do, go around and build things, go right ahead. I don't want to stop you from doing that. Sometimes I wish I did," Dilts said.

On Friday morning at 6 a.m., Tinna Dilts kissed her husband goodbye.

"I made him his coffee and we kissed each other goodbye and I told him be careful," she recalled.

Friday afternoon just after 1 p.m., Ricky Dilts and his best friend Matthew Collins fell to their deaths.

Tinna Dilts knows her husband died doing what he loved, but for his daughter, nine year old Rebecca, that's hard to understand.

"I was hoping he would be ok, but until that happened, I was very sad. I didn't want that to happen to him," Rebecca said.

And for her mom, it isn't much easier.

"He worked so hard to build what he has now and it's very sad that he had to go the way he did," said Tinna of her husband.

Tinna Dilts says her husband had worked for his company for years. He even left there and later returned because of the benefits, and because he loved the people he worked with.

Online Reporter: Janelle MacDonald

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway

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