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Kentuckian Hallucinates In Iraqi Heat

(RAMADI, Iraq) -- After a long day searching houses in suffocating Iraqi heat, Lance Corporal Mike Wilson of Princeton, Kentucky recalls seeing relief in the distance.

Wilson said that looking through the haze he thought he saw a Wal-Mart and was ready to get some cold water for his men when he discovered it was an illusion.

Daytime temperatures in the Iraqi summer usually range from a low of about 105 degrees Fahrenheit to about 125. Though most bases have added air conditioning, grunts must still venture out to man their posts or patrol steaming streets under an unrelenting sun.

The soldiers say that perhaps the hottest places in Iraq are the common portable toilets that trap in heat. Wislon says you can tell people how hot it is, but they'll never understand until they visit an Iraqi outhouse.

Wilson is now serving his second tour in Iraq.

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