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Teacher Arrested For Attempted Internet Child Seduction

Ronald Boorman Ronald Boorman

By Eric Flack

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.) -- WAVE 3 Investigates the arrest of a local middle school teacher. He is also a former priest, and he's charged with trying to seduce a child over the internet. Ronald Boorman allegedly sent child porn to an out of state detective posing as a young teen. WAVE 3 Investigator Eric Flack talks with the father a student taught by the suspect.

59 year old Ronald Boorman was arrested at JCPS headquarters Wednesday morning for seduction of a child using a computer. The Kammerer Middle School english teacher has taught  both of Bill Precious's daughters.

"He gave no impression or no actions during his time as teacher that would have been inappropriate or led us to believe anything would have been inappropriate," Precious said.

But investigators say there was nothing appropriate about what Boorman was doing on the internet. He allegedly had two days of sex charged chat room conversations with a undercover Florida detective posing as a underage teen. Boorman eventually sent the officer child porn.

Investigators say they weren't surprised with who they had.

"We take people from all walks of life from professionals to teachers to doctors to priests," said Sgt. Greg Stewart of the Clearwater, Florida Police Department.

In fact, Boorman is a former priest. A pastor of three different midwestern churches in the mid 90's. He came back to Louisville in 1998, first teaching at St. Agnes, and eventually moving on to Kammerer.

JCPS says he has a clean record with them, but want to hear if there's anything they don't know about.

"That certainly does send up a red flag," said JCPS spokeswoman Lauren Roberts.

"And if people come forward and have information we'll certainly take that information and we'll report it to authorities."

"I think the school handled it properly," Precious said.

"These things are sudden. there is no way to anticipate this."

And no reason for Precious to question how Boorman ended up teaching his daughter.

"From teachers to priests to any trusted person. It's always a shock but it's really not shocking."

Boorman's home and school computers have been confiscated by police. They have already found child porn on that home computer.

He is being held at metro corrections but will be extradited to Florida. He resigned from the school system as he was being taken into custody.

Online Reporter: Eric Flack

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway

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