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Police looking for suspect after Christmas toys stolen

By Janelle MacDonald

(LOUISVILLE) -- WAVE 3 is working to get results for a local charity that was hit hard over the weekend by a thief who made off with donations meant for kids. It happened at the Golden Arrow at the intersection of Shelby and Gray Streets near downtown Louisville. WAVE 3's Janelle MacDonald investigates.

Even in the place where you'd expect to find the most good, bad has a way of slipping in.

"I was like, 'oh that's low, stealing toys from kids,'" says Doris Fierros.

Fierros is the director of Golden Arrow, a Catholic charity that helps mothers and their small children.

Around Christmas, it also provides a little sprit of the season, but over the weekend, someone broke in and helped themselves to the kids' Christmas presents.

Fierros says the church's guard noticed a woman hanging around the building late Saturday or early Sunday. "The guard says she had a key; I guess she acted like she was closing up or something."

Surveillance video shows the woman making a couple of trips inside and making off with two cartfuls of toys.

Fierros says "generous individuals put out time and effort and money, and then someone else goes and steals it for their own, whatever, pleasure or good."

But in this place where good is the goal, Fierros says she is seeing the true meaning of Christmas in the response from people who have heard about the theft.

"As you can see, we're already getting good response from the community, thanks to people like you," Fierros says.

Right now, the Golden Arrow, and the kids it serves are nowhere near what they had just a few days ago.

But Fierros says in the end, she knows they will come out far ahead. "The Grinch didn't steal the Christmas spirit."

Fierros says the surveillance images aren't great, but the description of the woman doesn't match anyone she knows or anyone that works with the charity.

If you think you can help out with toy donations, contact the Golden Arrow by calling 502-589-3537.

By the way, many of the toys that were stolen were donated by fourth graders at Holy Trinity -- kids who were trying to help other children.

Online Reporter: Janelle MacDonald

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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