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Veteran says he was forced out of VA job

(LEXINGTON, Ky.) -- A veteran of the Iraq war claims he was forced out of his job at a Lexington Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Forty-one-year-old Norman Perciful of Berea says he was given a choice of resigning or being fired after taking too much time off work to see V-A doctors for treatment of medical problems.

Perciful says the medical appointments were scheduled during his work hours, which meant that he had to take leave for each appointment.

He says his leave requests always were approved, but that changed February 20th, when his supervisor told him he was taking too much time off and told gave him two choices. Perciful says he chose to resign rather than have a dismissal on his record.

VA officials declined to make detailed comments, citing medical and personnel privacy regulations.

But Lexington V-A spokeswoman Desti Stimes says the VA wouldn't encourage anyone to resign because of medical appointments.

Perciful has filed a discrimination complaint with the VA's Office of Resolution Management, hoping to get monetary compensation for his job loss, but it could take months to resolve the case.

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