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South Louisville dog fighting ring busted

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- Four men are behind bars after a suspected dog fighting ring was busted in south Louisville early Monday morning.

Police say they found one injured pit bull, a bloody plywood ring and a large amount of cash in a garage off Camden Avenue.

Louis Fields, Andre Judkins, Joseph Taylor, Jr., and Jerry Watkins, Jr. are all charged with cruelty to animals.

Alicia Smiley, LMPD Spokeswoman, told us one of the persons they arrested had a pretty large amount of cash on them they presume came from prior dog fights. Apparently he was taking bets from people.

Neighbors say they learned of the ring a month ago, but did not realize its intent.

Next door neighbor Georgina Evans said, "The little girl told my daughter her mamma built it for her to play in. When I found out they were fighting dogs out there it made me sick to think about she could let her children play where they are doing that to a dog."

The injured pit bull is now at Metro Animal Services, but the chances of it going home with anyone are slim.

Handlers at Metro Animal Services say the dog reacted well with humans, but when the cage was opened and he saw another dog he immediately wanted to attack.

Investigators feel confident he was trained that way and while they don't see a lot of dog fighting rings in Louisville, they know it's still a problem.

Neighbors say they don't blame dogs, but the people who put them in the ring. And they think those responsible deserve long-term confinement; behind bars.

The suspects each face up to 5 years in jail.