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Kids strip-searched at day camp

(NBC NEWS CHANNEL) -- Parents are outraged in an Indiana community after they learned their young children were strip-searched at a summer day camp.
Mothers like April Hinton want answers tonight.

Hinton says "had our children not talked to us we would not have even known about it."

She says when she talked to the director of the summer camp here at this East Chicago, Indiana rec center she wasn't given a great answer.

April says "she says she was not aware that she could not do that. And I told her you feel that it's ok to undress people's children without the consent of their parents. And she said I was not aware that it was wrong."

He wouldn't go on camera, but one of the men accused of performing the strip search talked off camera telling us he took the group of boys to the bathroom and told them to "shake their pants" because $140 dollars had gone missing.

One of the boys who was stripped search said "he didn't even say shake your When asked if they felt uncomfortable, the boy said "yes, but I didn't want him to think that I had the money, that I was a thief."

The city of East Chicago is currently investigating the incident.

Officials have suspended the two men accused of conducting the strip search and the executive director of the camp who reportedly ordered it.