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Metro police cite school principal on prostitution charges

By Maira Ansari

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) -- The principal of a Nelson County catholic high school has been cited for prostitution related charges. Dr. Paul Schum is head of Bethlehem High School in Bardstown. He was at St. Xavier High School for more than 20 years. WAVE 3's Maira Ansari investigates the allegations.

Dr. Schum is now under paid administrative leave.

"He discussed some of the background why he thought it was appropriate for him to take a leave at this point and I supported his judgment in that," said Father Bill Hammer, pastor of St. Joseph Church in Bardstown.

Fr. Hammer was speaking on behalf of Bethlehem High.

"I was caught by surprise, but again is have confidence in Dr. Schum and his leadership skills he has demonstrated thus far," Fr. Hammer said.

According to police, Schum was issued a citation by Louisville Metro Police for loitering for the intent of prostitution.

"He could provide no legitimate reason to them for being in the alley. So they presumed that the legitimate reason was for prostitution purposes. Based on his clothing and some other statements he made to them," said LMPD Det. Phil Russell.

According to a police report, Schum was dressed like a woman in leather. He was wearing fishnet stockings and fake breasts.

When asked if that's something that sounds like Schum, Fr. Hammer said, "no it doesn't. But again, we're in the Halloween season.

But Halloween or not, parents like Jim Brooks say the news is shocking and disturbing.

"We put leaders of out schools -- particularly of schools -- we call then to a higher standard. so yeah, I would go along with that --- that he should resign if that's the case," said Brooks.

Schum is scheduled to appear in court on November 27th. The assistant principal at Bethlehem will be taking over the principal's duties.

Online Reporter:  Maira Ansari

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway