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Records show murdered woman had previously been granted domestic violence orders

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William "Gerry" Seidl  (Photo courtesy: Louisville Metro Corrections) William "Gerry" Seidl (Photo courtesy: Louisville Metro Corrections)

By Connie Leonard - bio | email 
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - WAVE 3 has uncovered disturbing new information in the murder of a Pleasure Ridge Park woman. On the same day 68-year old William "Gerry" Seidl was arraigned in his wife's murder, WAVE 3 obtained new court documents and courtroom video. Both show that a judge denied a domestic violence order for the victim even though she had been granted one by another judge in the past who felt her life was in danger. 

One day after a judge denied to grant Dorene Seidl a domestic violence order, Gerry Seidl picked up his guns from authorities. Three days after that, police say Seidl shot and killed his wife. 

"She had three judicial findings of domestic violence," said Marcia Roth, a victim's advocate with the Mary Byron Foundation.

According to Roth, Mrs. Seidl showed a pattern of courage.

"When an older woman has to become public and say that the man she's been married to, in this case for 47 years, has been abusive, I would think that would cause someone to pay attention to what she's saying," Roth said. 

That is why Roth can't believe Dorene Seidl was not granted that protection from a judge and was shot multiple times allegedly by her husband Monday in their Pleasure Ridge Park home on Grandfield Way. 

Wednesday morning as bond was set at $1,000,000 for 68-year-old Gerry Seidl, WAVE 3 News obtained a copy of the court hearing when Dorene Seidl sought a domestic violence order against her husband on August 20th. Earlier in the month, Dorene Seidl had filed an emergency protective order against Gerry Seidl and he was forced to surrender his guns to sheriff's deputies. If Judge Joseph O'Reilly had granted the order, it would have kept her husband from getting his guns back among other restrictions. 

In a portion of the testimony that Dorene Seidl gave before Judge O'Reilly, she told him her husband said to her, "I'm just gonna kill myself and get it over with, do you want to go with me?" 

Judge O'Reilly asked her during the hearing about another instance when her husband allegedly held a gun to her head. During the hearing, the judge also learned Mrs. Seidl had been granted a protective order from her husband in 1995 to 1996. Back then, in paperwork, she stated to authorities her husband didn't want her to go to jury duty, got out a pistol, put in a clip and allegedly said, "I will kill you."  

The paperwork also indicates O'Reilly also knew the couple's daughter wanted the judge to grant the request. It was denied. The next day, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office had to give Gerry Seidl his guns back. On Monday, August 25th, Gerry Seidl allegedly shot and killed his wife when she came back to the house with a relative to pick up some belongings.

When contacted by WAVE 3 News Tuesday night, Judge O'Reilly would not comment on the case other than to say that at the time he reviewed it, there was insufficient evidence to grant the request. O'Reilly also said his prayers are with the family. 

Dorene Seidl had moved out and was living with her daughter before her death. During the hearing, she told Judge O'Reilly that in the past, sheriff's deputies had escorted her to her home to pick up medicine.