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Witness Says Prosecutor In First Camm Trial Blew Up When She Couldn't Link Camm's DNA To Boney's Shirt

By James Zambroski

(BOONVILLE, Ind.) -- Testimony in the second triple murder trial of David Camm continued Tuesday in Warrick County. He's charged with killing his wife, Kim, and two children, Brad and Jill. Prosecutors called a DNA expert who told the court that the first prosecutor in the case demanded that she lie. WAVE 3 Investigator James Zambroski reports.

Lynn Scamahorn, a DNA analyst from the Indiana State Police, is a univeristy trained scientist who analyzes blood and DNA. She tested all the clothing in the Camm case in both trials.

On the stand Tuesday, Scamahorn testified that former Floyd County Prosecutor Stan Faith threatened her when she wouldn't say she found Camm's DNA on Charles Boney's sweatshirt after conducting more than 300 tests.

She said she found his DNA on his clothing, as well as on Kim's, but not on Boney's sweatshirt.

Scamahorn said when she refused to change her testimony during Camm's first trial in 2002, Faith was infuriated, screaming at her, and telling her he'd have her fired, and charged with a felony -- obstructing justice, if she wasn't able to find Camm's DNA.

Defense attorney Stacy Uliana said Scamahorn did the right thing by reporting Faith's behavior and stressed that this jury needs to know about it.

"Any attempt to influence her in any way, to say something that's not the complete truth, is relevant and the jury needs to hear it. Ms. Scamahorn's integrity cannot be purchased, she did was right."

Scamahorn says she detailed Faith's threats in a letter to her supervisor. She briefly broke down in tears during Tuesday's testimony, prompting the judge to call a recess.

Prosecutor Steve Owen, now part of the team that replaced Faith in the last election, distanced himself from Faith's alleged comments. When asked what he thought Faith's alleged threats have to do with this trial, he replied: "I don't know. I know that I've never bullied her."

Owen went on to say: "You have to wait and look at the entire package and the entire product, and right now, it's not Stan Faith prosecuting this case, it's Keith Henderson."

Meanwhile, controversy continues over exactly how much gunpowder residue was found on Camm's clothing -- a little, as the defense claims -- or more, as the prosecution asserts.

Uliana said that "you will see, too, that the amount of GSR is extremely critical in a case like this."

Earlier in Tuesday's proceedings, defense attorney Katherine Liell asked the judge to find Owen in contempt of court for remarks he made Monday about blood spatter and gunshot residue found on Camm's shirt.

Testimony was expected to resume Wednesday.

Online Reporter: James Zambroski

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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