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Local company develops a better prosthetic for amputees

By Lori Lyle
WAVE 3 Medical Reporter

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- A Louisville prosthetic company is among the first in the country to offer amputees a breakthrough in technology that's drastically improving patient lives. It's a new type of prostheses and the difference is amazing. Just ask any patient who makes the switch called the MAS socket design. Named after the inventor, it relies on an exact fit to make it work. As Lori Lyle reports, the team at Louisville Prosthetics underwent extensive training to provide this incredible advancement to patients.

Every grandparent knows that grandchildren are handful. But thankfully, Gloria's now able to keep up with her grandkids better than ever. She lost her left leg to bone cancer in 1978 and for 19 years struggled with a stiff, uncomfortable prosthesis.

Gloria said that her old prosthesis was causing her severe back pain, and left her hurting so bad that she could hardly move, never the less walk. Now, Wayne Luckett at Louisville Prosthetics is offering patients a new option.

It's called a MAS Socket. Because it calls for requires precise measurements, it means spending more time with patients than with traditional fittings. But the difference, Luckett explains, "We have much higher trim lines to stabilize femur and pelvic joint inside prosthesis. With the MAS design, we're able to free up most of the pelvic structure which gives the patients much lower trim lines."  

Luckett says it is held in place with suction suspension. That makes it more comfortable and provides more range of motion. Gloria can now bend over and tie her shoes.

"I can move down without hurting. That's a big difference," Gloria says.

When she sits, her pelvic structure exits the socket. She sits normally and comfortably. But more than how she feels physically, it how it looks. 

"The natural anatomy is able to escape out of prosthesis and give a much more normal appearance," Luckett says.

The old prosthesis pushed her left side much higher, but now Gloria says, "Feel like I just don't look right cause look like I got 3 booties. I did. Well now since this, normal. I tell my husband, ‘Look at it. Look at it. Shake it.' He'd be like, ‘okay, honey. Okay.'"

Gloria says there is no question the extra fitting time is worth it. And time is the only extra cost. Luckett refuses to charge more for the new technology.

"I'm not making a dime off this -- I promise you. You can come back in two years and I'll have $100,000 of these things going because they are awesome. They are awesome. It makes a world of difference in these people's lives," says Luckett.

Since Gloria started using her new prosthesis her back pain is gone.

Online Reporter:  Lori Lyle

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway

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