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  • Senator Sam Brownback (R)

    Senator Sam Brownback (R)

    Sam Brownback was born in Parker, Kansas and raised on a farm where his mother and father still live.More >>
  • John Cox (R)

    John Cox (R)

    John Cox was raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. His mother, Priscilla, raised John on her own. She taught in the public schools while they lived in a small apartment. According to his website, John's mother later remarried, and his stepfather, Thomas Cox, was a lifelong postal employee. He writes that his parents often spoke of the waste and inefficiency in the public school system and in the post office.More >>
  • Jim Gilmore (R)

    Jim Gilmore (R)

    "My dad was a meat cutter and he taught me the value of hard work," says Jim Gilmore, on his blog. The career of the former Virginia governor has included time as the Virginia Attorney General and work aimed at bettering homeland security, including chairmanship of the Congressionally created Gilmore commission and the National Council on Readiness and Preparedness.More >>
  • Rudy Giuliani (R)

    Rudy Giuliani (R)

    Rudy Giuliani was born in Brooklyn, the grandson of two Italian immigrants. A law school graduate, Giuliani spent time working in various positions in the office of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the US Attorney General's office. But he's most well-known for his time as mayor of New York.More >>
  • Mike Huckabee (R)

    Mike Huckabee (R)

    He started as a pastor - then moved to politics. When Bill Clinton won the presidency and left the position of governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee won the following special election for the position of lieutenant governor. Huckabee took the office of Governor of Arkansas when Jim Guy Tucker resigned. Huckabee was re-elected twice.More >>
  • Congressman Duncan Hunter (R)

    Congressman Duncan Hunter (R)

    Duncan Hunter has served in the House of Representatives since 1981. In a WIS interview and on his website, he highlights his work as part of the Armed Services Committee. He has been a member of that committee throughout his Congressional career. He was chairman of the committee from 2002 to 2006.More >>
  • Senator John McCain (R)

    Senator John McCain (R)

    John Sidney McCain, III was born while his father was serving as an active duty naval officer. Following those footsteps, McCain had a long naval career, including service in the Vietnam War, before he turned to the political arena.More >>
  • Ron Paul (R)

    Ron Paul (R)

    Ron Paul has spent his career as a doctor and a US Representative. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ron Paul moved to Texas with his wife and began his medical practice there. He served in Congress in the 1970s and 1980s, relinquishing his seat in 1984. He returned to the House in 1997.More >>
  • Mitt Romney (R)

    Mitt Romney (R)

    A graduate of Harvard Business and Law Schools, Mitt Romney's website highlights his work as President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics and his time as governor of Massachusetts. More >>
  • Tom Tancredo (R)

    Tom Tancredo (R)

    Although Tom Tancredo has spent years as a representative, both on the state and federal levels, he is a school teacher by trade. According to his website, Tancredo taught for several years at Drake Junior High. More >>
  • Tommy Thompson (R)

    Tommy Thompson (R)

    According to his website, Tommy Thompson was born in Elroy, Wisconsin. He found success in politics within the same state, where he served four terms as governor before he took the federal position of Secretary of Health and Human Services in 2001.More >>
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