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  • Severe Weather Safety

    Flood Safety

    Tuesday, March 6 2001 2:42 PM EST2001-03-06 19:42:06 GMT
    Flash Floods occur within a few minutes or hours of excessive rainfall, a dam or levee failure, or sudden release of water held by an ice jam. Most Flash Flooding is caused by slow-moving Thunderstorms, Thunderstorms repeatedly moving over the same area, or heavy rains from Hurricanes or Tropical Storms. When the waters start rising, what do you do? Find out all you need to know if the waters rise in Kentuckiana again. More >>
  • Severe Weather Safety

    Tornado Safety

    Thursday, March 2 2006 4:03 PM EST2006-03-02 21:03:28 GMT
    A Tornado is defined as a violently rotating column of air extending from a Thunderstorm to the ground. These destructive forces of nature are found most frequently in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains during the Spring and Summer months.

    WAVE3's in depth discussion of Tornado Safety
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  • Severe Weather Safety

    Thunderstorm Safety

    Wednesday, March 7 2001 12:51 PM EST2001-03-07 17:51:22 GMT
    The typical Thunderstorm is 15 miles in diameter and lasts an average of 30 minutes. Nearly 1,800 Thunderstorms are occuring at any moment around the world. That's 16 million a year!

    Are you safe during a thunderstorm?

    To learn everything you'll need to know to be safe during a Thunderstorm
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  • Severe Weather Safety

    Winter Weather Safety

    Tuesday, March 6 2001 2:38 PM EST2001-03-06 19:38:28 GMT
    Sometimes Winter Storms are accompanied by strong winds creating blizzard conditions with blinding wind-driven snow, severe drifting, and dangerous wind chills. Ice storms are sometimes associated with Winter Storms...something we are familiar with in Kentuckiana. Everything you need to know about Winter Storm Safety More >>
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  • Emergency Preparedness Tips

    What To Do During Severe Weather And Other Emergencies

    Wednesday, October 24 2001 4:48 PM EDT2001-10-24 20:48:55 GMT
    The Louisville/Jefferson County Local Emergency Planning Committee recently released a booklet on disaster and emergency preparedness with helpful tips on what you can do to prepare and protect yourself during severe weather and other emergencies.More >>
  • Plan For Worst, Hope For Best

    Prepare For Emergencies Before They Happen

    Wednesday, October 3 2001 1:24 PM EDT2001-10-03 17:24:21 GMT
    As the events of the past month have shown, you never know when the unexpected can happen. Is your family prepared with the right essentials just in case disaster should strike? More >>
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