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  • Mark Damron Blog

    Mark Damron Blog

    The Wave 3 Biggest Loser competition is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. Before I applied for the contest I had given up hope of ever getting in shape. I was accepting the fact that I would be big and out of shape for the rest of my life.More >>
  • Alisa Conn Blog

    Alisa Conn Blog

    I knew I was out of shape, but had no idea how bad. I think your mind plays tricks on us.  My mind still thinks I'm 22 and can do all the things I could back then. But my body's refusing to do what I ask of it. It's a constant tug of war. But I think I'm winning the war.More >>
  • Hope Huling Blog

    Hope Huling Blog

    On Wednesday nights we usually work out in the gym, and the hardest part is all of the running!More >>
  • Tonia Leverson Blog

    Tonia Leverson Blog

    Tonia Leverson blogs about her journey as one of Louisville's Biggest Losers.More >>
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