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We treat all motor vehicle accidents, worker's compensation accidents, and sports injuries.

We use a medical model as our standard of care for each of our patients. We know when it comes to recovery, every injury is different and so is our plan for each patient with one thing in common, WE CARE.


We care about . . .

  • You and your personal recovery - you will have a complete evaluation on your first visit by our Physicians and therapists to determine a treatment plan designed specifically for YOUR CARE.
  • Giving you the best personal recovery results with a personal approach based on your accident.
  • Excellence in treatment of injuries and clinically based outcomes. We use a team of Physicians, certified Physical and Occupational Therapists all with a common goal - your healthy recovery.

We provide in addition to great CARE . . .

  • Same day appointments.
  • No charge transportation if needed for appointments.
  • Onsite diagnostic testing (MRIs, X-Rays), for better accuracy during treatment.
  • An understanding of the law and what your rights are after an injury due to an accident.

Meet our staff

Dr. Mary Lynn Barresi
Staff Physician

Dr. Barresi received her Doctor of Osteopathy from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She was a Research Assistant at the University of Pittsburgh and worked on published studies on agoraphobia and osteoporosis. Dr. Barresi has many years of experience in Internal and Urgent Care Medicine. Prior to Synergy, she practiced General Medicine for seven years at Hazelwood Center in Louisville. Dr. Barresi works directly with patients and the licensed therapy staff to create treatment plans that generate positive patient experiences and results.

Matt Bowman
Director of Clinical Services

As Clinic Director, Matt Bowman oversees the Physical and Occupational Therapy departments. Along with his director duties, Matt is the Lead Physical Therapist for Synergy. Therapy with Matt is never dull because throughout his 11 years of experience his favorite part of the day has always been meeting new people and working with patients. As is most important at Synergy, Matt treats each patient as an individual focusing on his or her unique needs.

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