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A few weeks ago, WAVE 3 and our Dawne Gee asked you to join us in helping four local charities to raise awareness and items of need. On Monday of each week, WAVE News anchor Dawne Gee featured one of the four organizations and made suggestions for how you can help. Now it's time to see how we did. In the coming days, Dawne will be checking with each of the organizations to find out how well we did. All items and money will be used to fulfill their "wish list" of items needed for these organizations to continue their service to the community. Remember: it's not too late to give. Pick an organization and drop off your items. And on behalf of Dawne Gee everyone at WAVE, and the people you're helping - thank you.

April 25-May1
Dare to Care
The food bank was founded in 1971 to confront the problem of hunger in our community when our community became aware of a 9 year old dying of starvation on Thanksgiving Day. Serves 13 counties in Kentuckiana

WAVE 3 Goal: Collect food through churches, civic groups, businesses and individuals
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Kosair Children’s Hospital

Kosair Children’s Hospital offers services and programs that cover nearly every aspect of care and treatment for children in a child friendly and family centered atmosphere. Toys are given to children by child life and expressive therapists and volunteers who visit the children in their hospital rooms, spreading joy when children are not feeling well.

WAVE 3 Goal: Collect small toys and books for children in the hospital.
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Dress For Success

The clothing that Dress for Success provides symbolizes their faith in every woman’s ability to succeed.
The dilemma: Without a job how can I afford a suit? Without a suit how can I find a job?
Each client receives: One suit for the job interview; One week’s worth of outfits once she secures a job.

WAVE 3 Goal: Collect women’s apparel through local women’s organizations, churches and individuals .
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May 16-21
The Center for Women & Families

Help victims of intimate partner abuse or sexual violence to become survivors through support services, community education, and cooperative partnerships that foster hope, promote self sufficiency and rebuild lives.

WAVE 3 Goal: Collect toiletries of all kinds, women’s under garments, and children’s clothing for women who are fleeing dangerous situations but leave what they have just to make it to a safe place.
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