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Injury Care Chiropractic is a ultra-modern office that offers a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Our hours are flexible and walk-ins are welcome. If you need transportation, just call ahead. Our pledge is to give the best care possible for patients suffering and injured. That is the difference why we have become Louisville's #1 place for auto accidents and rehabilitation. We really do CARE. and annuals.

Meet the Doctor with 33 years of clinical experience in the treatment of auto, work and sports injuries.

Dr. Byers, D.C. has had extensive training in Chiropractic, General Medicine, Orthopedics, Personal Injury, and Impairment Rating. Dr. Byers, enjoys family life, sports, and is an internationally published author.

One of the most important things to consider when you have been injured is the experience of the doctor treating injuries such as auto, sports, worker's comp., school accidents, and slip and falls. Many facilities are not equipped to handle treatment and rehabilitation following an accident. At Injury Care Chiropractic, we have a state of the art office where we can handle the initial pain from injury and follow through with strengthening and conditioning. We want you to return to the pre-injury status you once had before this accident and enjoy a fuller life.


Injury Care Chiropractic
(502) 635-2273
7th Street Road
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