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  1. Williams makes it official, Moffett promises a challenge

    …, Senate President David Williams and his running mate, Agriculture Commissioner Ritchie Farmer, filed……, Agriculture Commissioner Ritchie Farmer, filed their paperwork for the office Tuesday. Those watching politics…

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  2. Cats advance to Sweet 16 with 65-62 win over Green Bay

    … responded with a short jumper that rolled in after sitting on the rim, and Adrian Ritchie air-balled a 3…

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  3. Rocker Richie Sambora to perform with, auction crystal guitar at Barnstable Brown Gala

    Ritchie wanted to attend and perform at our party, said Patricia Barnstable-Brown, co-host of the…

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  4. Murder-Suicide At Owensboro Store

    … department store Tuesday and then killed himself, police said. Doug Ritchie, 51, of Owensboro, was shot once…

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  5. Indiana Father Charged In Death Of Son

    … charged with killing his son. Police say Ritchie Plantz called 911 last night and stated .. "I've shot…

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  6. Downed trees take out homes and cars in Kentuckiana

    …. It wasn't Biven's home on Wesley Court that was hit, but that of her elderly neighbor, Peggy Ritchie

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  7. KY teen pleads not guilty to killing girl

    … arrest. Dye's attorney, Dennis Ritchie, requested a pretrial hearing on March 23. Dye remains at the…

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  8. Grapefruit League: Cincinnati (ss) 10, Pittsburgh (ss) 2

    … (BRADENTON, Fla.) -- Todd Ritchie won 15 games for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1999. Now he……Todd Ritchie won 15 games for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1999. Now he's just trying to make the…

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  9. Notre Dame Academy students collect money, help needy kids

    … much," said Bryson Ritchie, 11. The outing proved to be a reward experience packed with lessons, both…

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  10. Judge Says Prosecutor Violated State Court Laws

    … Perry County District Judge Leigh Anne Stephens before he placed Linda Ritchie on probation in a plea…

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