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Local Physician Uses Varied Treatments For Fibromyalgia

By Lori Lyle

(LOUISVILLE) -- Since we first told you about an over-the-counter congestion medication that has been providing relief to fibromyalgia sufferers, we've had many calls from people asking us to track down local doctors prescribing it. Dr. John Baird from Louisville is now following fibro patients using the guaifenesin protocol, and he's seeing great results with another treatment plan too. WAVE 3's Lori Lyle has an update.

For years, Dr. Baird was frustrated because he wasn't able to effectively treat fibromyalgia patients. "I felt like what they taught me in school wasn't enough to help me get a lot of these people better," he said.

Up to 50 percent of Dr. Baird's patients have fibromyalgia. Baird, who graduated, from the University of Louisville Medical School, is using both traditional and alternative therapies to get results.

Baird says he met with Claudia Mareck during her visit to Louisville in May. Mareck, one of the leading experts on the guaifenesin protocol for treating fibromyalgia, was here for a seminar to explain the theory on how and why the over-the-counter congestion medication works.

Basically, it clears rids the body of phosphates that interfere with the function of the hypothalamus, a collection of specialized nerve cells at the base of the brain that "controls pain, mood, digestion -- all the symptoms that correlate to fibromyalgia."

Even though recent reports indicate that 80 percent of fibromyalgia patients treated with guaifenesin experience incredible results, Baird says it's a hard sell because patients do feel worse before feeling better.

"You have to grapple with that," Baird said. "They'll usually say anything else we can try other than this."

There is something else patients can try. It's called the Myer's Cocktail. It's an intravenous infusion of specific vitamins. Right now about 50 patients a week are hooked on the treatment.

Dr. Baird says fixing fibromyalgia is not a one-size-fits-all prospect, but he is extremely encouraged by results he's seeing following patients on guaifenesin.

He also says the Myers Cocktail is another promising treatment option. It's a mixture of specific nutrients that caters to fibromyalgics.

"Most people with fibro have Irritable Bowel Syndrome," Baird said, "which mean they don't absorb very well."

Dr. Baird says "when you give them these nutrients -- which are Vitamin C, Calcium Magnesium, all the B vitamins in B-12, they feel better."

The result is more energy and less pain.

And like other doctors trying it, Dr. Baird says he's been seeing about an 80 percent success rate.

That explains why the IV room in his office at 1101 Herr Lane is usually packed. About 50 patients a week are hooked on the treatment.

Still, there are no studies on the potent mix -- something patients don't seem to mind.

Myers cocktail is named for the late Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician who reported great results with his patients. However, Dr. Baird warns that the vitamin cocktail is not a cure. It just treats symptoms.

Some insurance carriers will pay for the treatment, but the out-of-pocket cost is around $50 a treatment.

For more information, contact Dr. John Baird's office at 1101 Herr Lane in Louisville. The phone number is 502-339-6550.

Online Reporter: Lori Lyle

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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