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12-Year-Old Heartbroken After Burglars Steal Family Dog

By Connie Leonard

(LOUISVILLE) -- It's a burglary that borders on the bizarre. A Louisville family feels violated after their home was broken into, and now they're putting out a plea in the hopes of getting back something that's impossible to replace. WAVE 3 Investigator Connie Leonard has the story.

Upset and exhausted, the McCarty family is on a mission, putting up flyers to get back a precious possession taken from their Kahlert Avenue home during a burglary on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Melanie McCarty and her husband were at work when police say someone crashed through their bathroom window.

"This is how they got in, they broke in through the window," McCarty said as she pointed to the floor that had been littered with broken glass from the window.

The thieves made off with a DVD player, camcorder, video game console, and other items but the family soon discovered that they had lost something irreplaceable.

"They took my husband's watches and a few of his rings, and all my jewelry that was in my drawers ... and they took all my rings," McCarty said. "And that's when it clicked -- I started yelling for the dog!"

McCarty's 12-year-old daughter's Shizu -- named Brooklyn -- was gone! With all doors to the home still locked, thieves had to have taken the dog through the window.

McCarty can't understand why they'd take the family pet. "They found what they wanted to find; it just puzzles me about the dog though."

The family believes their other dog, Chi Chi, hid during the burglary. But they say Brooklyn was a friendly dog who loves strangers.

"She's loving and she's caring, and she loves children and she's always nice to everybody," said 12-year-old Tiffany Martin, McCarty's daughter.

Tiffany cried as she talked about losing her dog. "I love her to death," she said. "And it just hurts me that somebody would take her."

With heartbroken kids, McCarty is determined to find Brooklyn. "It's a black Shizu," she said as she talked to neighbors while passing out flyers with Brooklyn's picture and the offer of a reward.

And Tiffany has this proposal for the burglars. "They can leave her on the porch, I guess, if they don't want to face us."

McCarty added: "It's the only thing that we care about -- I mean we love her to death! I just hope somebody will see this and please return her."

Police are investigating the burglary; as for the dog, no one's sure why she was taken unless the thieves may have been planning on trying to sell her.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the crime tipline at 574-LMPD (574-5673). Callers can remain anonymous.

Online Reporter: Connie Leonard

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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